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Dear Amazing Clients and Friends,

As I sit down to reflect on the year 2023, gratitude and joy fill me. This marked my 8th year in this incredible journey of photography, and I’m beyond thrilled to share the highlights with you all.

Here is my 2023 Year in Review

2023 Weddings

I had the privilege of celebrating love at 12 different venues, capturing the unique stories of 12 beautiful couples.

In my 6th year photographing weddings, I had the pleasure of documenting 12 love stories. Each one is as unique and special as the next. From the quiet, intimate moments to the grand celebrations, every wedding was a testament to the beauty of love. Baby blue and creams dominated the color palette this year, bringing a soft and timeless elegance to the celebrations.

2023 brought forth 14 love-filled engagement stories. I had the honor of freezing these moments in time for incredible couples who will be getting married this upcoming year. I am so excited to celebrate with you as you can finally say, “I am getting married this year!”

2023 Families and Seniors

To the 26 families and 4 seniors who invited me into their lives this year; thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful stories. It means the absolute world to me that you come back year after year to let me capture your growing family.

2023 Rebranding and Refresh

This year brought significant changes and additions to my business that I’m thrilled to share with you. A rebrand and a brand new website now greet you, providing a more user-friendly experience for booking and client interaction. The upgrade to a mirrorless camera has allowed me to capture moments with even more precision and clarity. I’m excited to see how this enhances visual storytelling in the years to come.

Next Year

Looking ahead, I’m overjoyed to announce that I will be adding a new service to my offerings. I’ve officially added associate weddings to my package offerings, and I can’t contain my excitement. I have two incredible associates joining me, and together, we’ll be capturing even more love stories. This allows me to be part of your special day, even when I’m already booked or unavailable. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!


To all my wonderful clients, I want to express my deepest gratitude. Your trust, love, and joy are the driving forces behind my passion for what I do. You’re more than clients; you’re friends, and it’s an honor to celebrate your love stories with you. Thank you for being the reason I’m so passionate about my craft. I adore each one of you and am sending the biggest hug filled with love.

As we bid farewell to 2023, I want to share some of my favorite moments and images from the weddings this year. Each photograph is a snapshot of the love, laughter, and joy that filled these celebrations. It’s been an absolute joy to be part of this season, and I’m eagerly looking forward to all the chapters yet to unfold.

Wishing you all love, happiness, and countless beautiful moments in the coming year!

With love, Andi Jo

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