The Story of Us: Episode 7

Well, folks, today is the day. Today is the last episode of The Story of Us. I can’t believe it has been 7 weeks since I started to tell you all about my own Love Story. I hope that you have enjoyed your little adventure. I know that I have loved sharing with you all AJ and my’s story of us. So here we go. The last episode. Today is all about how AJ proposed to me. 


It has been 2 years to the date that AJ got down on one knee. I don’t know how time has passed so quickly. It seems like both just yesterday he proposed. And it also feels like it was years ago. Funny how time works. But I’ll stop rambling and get right into the story!


How It Happened!

AJ and I had been talking about marriage for quite a few months before the proposal happened. But I was still taken by surprise when it finally happened!

AJ and I were camping in Dassel, MN, at Collinwood,  for the weekend, to visit AJ’s sister and brother in law. Along with their niece and new nephew. We had just set up our tent and decided to go for a hike before we went out to dinner. I was not been feeling well but thought a hike might make me hungry.

The hike started off as normal as ever. We talked about the beautiful sunset. The trees covering us. About work that day. And anything else that came to mind. Nothing seemed different…to me that is. AJ was trying to act natural while he was hiding a pretty big secret.

What was going on in his mind went a little something like this.


“Does she know?”

“Am I actually doing this?”

“Which hand does it go on?”

“Which knee do I get down on?”

“Is she going to say yes?”

“What in the world am I doing?”


The whole time, I had ZERO idea. Now AJ is not very good at keeping secrets…just ask him about the briefcase he got me at Christmas two year ago….so this is very shocking, that he was able to keep his cool.

Now, we had hiked this trail before, the year before around the same time. When we came up near the open field that eventually led to a dead-end, I said, “AJ, why are we going to this field? Remember it just stops…let’s go this way.” But AJ insisted on going to the open fiend.

This is when I started to think something fishy was going on.

AJ grabbed my hand and led me into the middle of the field. And the conversation went a little like this…


AJ: “Andi, you know I love you right?”

Andi: “yes…..”

AJ: “And you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you…right?”

Andi: “yes…..”

AJ: “Do you love me?”

Andi: “yes……”

AJ: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

Andi: “yes…..”

AJ: (grabs ring box out and holds it in his hand on Andi’s hip)

Andi: ………

AJ: (gets down on one knee)

Andi: ………

AJ: “Andi Jo Zimmerman, will you make the happiest person alive. Will you marry me?”

Andi: “Umm….let me think about it…….YES!!!!!!”


The whole thing was so us. And was absolutely perfect!

We proceeded to call all of our family and give them the good news.

Both of our parents were at the home football team when we called them. AJ’s dad decided to share the news with everyone around him. We were just crossing our fingers that my parents were in earshot so we could break the news to them personally. Thankfully they were not!!

And then we got lost in the woods…because well we weren’t really paying any attention to what was going on around us. We were just in awe of what happened.

The wedding planning immediately began….go figure.

The rest is history!


I really do hope that you have enjoyed this little blog series!! For now….the pictures!!


The Story of Us

The Story of Us

The Story of Us

The Story of Us

The Story of Us

The Story of Us

The Story of Us

The Story of Us

The Story of Us


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September 14, 2020


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