Palisade Head, Silver Bay MN: Desiree and Matt

Desiree and Matt joined me up on the North Shore in Minnesota this past weekend for a couples session on Palisade Head in Silver Bay, MN.

The North Shore has always been my favorite place to visit and just be at one with my soul. My husband and I always make it a goal for us to get up there and explore at least once a year. But usually, we go up once during each season. We have always loved the Duluth area, sitting on top of Palisade Head, and hiking the Superior Hiking Trail,.

Because I love this area so much, I wanted to share my love with a few of my clients while I was up there this past week. Des and Matt were up for the adventure.


They weren’t celebrating anything special. They just wanted a weekend away from the kids. Time to reconnect. It has been hard for couples, and especially couples with children, to find time to connect during this time of COVID. I wanted to treat them to a fun date day where they could just reminisce about their love for each and just enjoy each other’s company. Without having to think about anyone else. Even if that was just for a moment.


My sessions are always prompt based. I do this for so many different reasons, but the main one is because it allows for my couples to just relax and forget that they are on camera. It helps the images look more natural and have a more candid intimate feel to them. Desiree and Matt knocked it out of the park with their prompts! You could just feel the love beaming from them!


Some of my favorite prompts from the day included:

  • Matt listing vegetables in his girl’s voice
  • Desiree sharing embarrassing moments from their relationship
  • The ultimate Rom-Com airport scene (THEY NAILED IT)


Hold my hand, and I will go anywhere with you.


Desiree and Matt. I want to take a moment to thank you so much for joining me on my Palisade Head Getaway. I know that it started off rocky (no pun intended). And the rain and wind got in a way a little bit. But you were both such troopers and were so flexible. I hope that you both enjoyed your “Mom and Dad need some alone time” and were able to get some relaxation in. You were absolutely stunning and your images are filled with your love and support for one another. Continue to express your love for each other and relive those moments for years to come. Thank you again or choosing me and joining me on this adventure! For now, enjoy your pictures. I can’t wait to show you more.


Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head Palisade Head

July 28, 2020


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  1. Desiree says:


    You have me in tears! Happy tears that is!!

    LOVE THIS!!! ♡♡♡♡

    Andi you nailed every word in this blog, I can not thank you enough for this amazing time and opportunity! I loved every moment and will cherish these forever!

    I can not say enough kind words!!!

    The day was rainy and my hair didnt last and was a mess in two minutes. Guess what guys she takes your mind off of the little things. I truly embraced every moment of this session and absolutely LOVE these!

    Sorry for rambling, but hot damn! Book a session, you will not regret one moment of it! She is a rockstar!!!


  2. Rachael says:

    These are beautiful! Glad you could get away