Family Photos: 6 Reasons to Invest

Why should you invest in family photos?

Yes, photography is an investment. But I promise you family photos are worth it!

Just imagine having your loved ones printed and famed beautifully in your home. Can you imagine it?

So why are family photos worth it?

If you are like most people you love looking at photos of your family because it brings you back to that time when your kids were young, or when you celebrated a milestone in your family. While there are way more than 6 reasons why you should get your family photographed every year, I have picked what I think are the most important reasons to invest in family photos.

Most of us could agree time goes by too fast, and what we really want is to have all the memories of the special moments recorded forever.

1- Your kiddos are only this age ONCE!

If your children are 1, 5, 10, 15, or 32 years old? They are only that age once. Their personality, likes, hobbies, etc are different every single year. When you get photos taken every year you are documenting the growth and development of your family. Sometimes you don’t even realize the benefits of family portraits until later in life. One of the best ways to relive all those precious life moments is through portraits.

son and daughter laughing with mom during family photos

2. Everyone Will Be In Town

Does your family have an annual family reunion? Maybe everyone is in town for a birthday or holiday? My family spends Mother’s Day and Father’s Day together, and we always make sure we get a group picture.

A reunion can be the perfect opportunity to get those family portraits taken. For some families, this only happens once in a while. Don’t miss your chance to document your family!

mom and dad holding infant son during family photos

3- You are Documenting a Life Event!

Are your twins starting school? Do you have a kid go off to college? Your baby finally started walking? A wedding is in the near future. Life events happen no matter what. This is all the more reason to get your photos taken. Because photos remind you of the good times and the life you have lived.

4 – Life Gets Busy

Life happens.  You never know when the last chance for a family photo will come. Don’t take for granted the time you have with each other. Get those portraits taken every year.

boys running around parents during family photos

5 – Family’s Legacy

It’s not just for you, it’s your family’s legacy you are building. Don’t put it off because your hair’s not done or you wanted to lose a few extra pounds.  Your children won’t notice the dark roots or a smile line, but they will definitely be disappointed if they don’t have any photographs of themselves to share with their kids.

6- Creating Memories!

Don’t let life pass and look back wondering why you didn’t take the time for family pictures. As a parent, you won’t remember every moment. But when you take photos every year you get to see and relive that time in your life.

mom and boys hugging during family photos

We all get busy and caught up in everyday life. We all know “time flies” and “kids grow up in the blink of an eye.”

“I’m so happy I never took the time to document the growth of my family”, said nobody ever.

Don’t look back and regret not capturing those moments and memories because you did not have time, your hair was the wrong color, or you were too busy with work.

Let’s schedule those family photos now and get those images printed!!

family sitting down for family photos

June 20, 2023


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